Offshore Trust x Savings Insurance

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Are you also looking for a safe, confidential and stable income tool?

Insurance x Trust is your best choice
Insurance can provide a safe haven for assets
A trust can build a strong firewall for assets
And both of these tools can make your assets grow positively
The most important things in wealth inheritance are “security”, “confidentiality” and “return” are all satisfied at once
We will show you the trust box and how to use it at the event. Welcome to come and learn more.

Competitive Analysis ⎯ ◦

Compound interest beats fixed deposit rate.
Combat inflation and prevent your assets from diminishing year by year.
Double the value of your money by using compound interest.

Unlimited changes to policy holder information without affecting fees. Option to designate a secondary policy holder in advance.

Flexible Policy Split
Your Assets, Your Control
Leave the Best to Your Loved Ones.

Exclusive Trust Box ⎯ ◦

  • International Trust Account: Comply with international laws and regulations for safety and security.
  • Customized Trust Agreement: Applicable to common law to protect assets.
  • Global Consumer Credit Card: Safe and convenient use anytime, anywhere.
  • Professional Tax and Legal Consultation: Efficient and comprehensive planning.
  • Full Asset Allocation: Cryptocurrency, fiat currency, real estate, etc.
  • Diversified Asset Management: Real estate, artwork, equity, debt, etc.
  • Flexible Fund Transfer: Easy transfer to credit card spending.
  • Trust Account Transferable: Avoid the complicated procedures and taxes of inheritance.
  • Current Price Mortgage: Flexible loan.

Speaker ⎯ ◦

Mr. Winner Chen, Vice President of Timeless International Family Office

Mr. Canby Liu, Partner of Timeless International Family Office

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