Trust Services

Professional Asset Management Solutions

A trust is a legal arrangement and property management system that allows an individual or entity (referred to as the “settlor”) to transfer ownership of their assets to another person or entity (referred to as the “trustee”). The trustee manages or deals with the settlor’s assets for the benefit of beneficiaries or specific objectives, according to the purpose of the trust agreement. 

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Trusts serve a variety of purposes and functions, including

Family Inheritance

Establishing family trusts to ensure intergenerational wealth transfer and perpetuation of family wealth.

Corporate Structure

Utilizing offshore holding trusts to achieve sustainable business succession and optimize the corporate structure.

Risk Isolation

Effectively isolating risks, and protecting capital assets from losses.


Flexibly applying funds through trusts to support public welfare undertakings and give back to society.

Trust Advantages

Securing Your Assets and Family Welfare 

Trusts provide comprehensive protection for your family assets, ensuring asset security, privacy, and flexible management.

Trusts provide a safeguard for family assets, protecting them against external risks and ensuring the continuity of family wealth.

Offshore trusts can reduce political and national risks associated with asset internationalization. 

Trusts offer a centralized management platform for overseas assets, simplifying and unifying management.

Trusts can be used to effectively plan for gift tax, property tax, inheritance tax, and other taxes, reducing overall tax costs. 

Trusts protect the privacy of the settlor and beneficiaries, preventing public disclosure of sensitive information.

Legally established trusts can protect assets from creditors, shielding them from potential claims. 

Trusts allow for prearranged asset distribution to family members, friends, and charities, avoiding complicated probate procedures. 

Trust agreements are flexible, allowing trustees to adapt to changes in the external environment and seek the best benefits for beneficiaries. 


Trust Planning

We design customized trust strategies based on client needs, enabling effective wealth protection and inheritance.

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Legal Support

Our legal experts provide guidance and advice, ensuring trust schemes are fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

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Asset Management

We offer professional management of trust assets, enabling our clients to achieve their trust objectives efficiently.

Family Fund Management

Creating and managing tailored funds for families, ensuring professional investment and effective growth of family wealth.


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Family Fund Establishment

We assist families in setting up customized funds, providing them with independent investment channels.

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Investment Strategy

Our team designs exclusive investment strategies for each family fund, helping them achieve their wealth growth goals.

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Fund Operation

We provide comprehensive support for fund management and operations, ensuring compliance and stable performance.