Apple's Shift to AI: Embarking on a Journey of Strategic Decision-Making

Reflecting on the surge of technology stocks in the S&P 500 and the underperformance of Apple and Tesla, investment in AI emerges as the primary concern for tech giants.

  1. Apple Abandons Car Manufacturing Project
    • Bloomberg reports Apple suspended its decade-long car manufacturing project, reallocating teams to machine learning and AI departments.
    • Granted a patent for an AI smart ring, Apple aims to innovate around Vision Pro and AI smartphones, iterating its iOS ecosystem.
  1. Reasons for Abandoning Car Manufacturing
    • Intense industry competition makes it difficult for electric vehicle companies to generate profits, with significant pressures in both the Chinese and Western markets.
    • Apple's profits stem largely from product differentiation; however, the automotive industry offers low-profit margins, and the opportunity for market entry has passed.
    • Investment in AI yields higher returns, particularly considering Apple's technological leadership.
  1. Decisiveness in Strategic Decision-Making
    • Apple's decision to abandon the car manufacturing project underscores a cultural difference between Chinese and American enterprises, prioritizing long-term sustainability and profit margins.


    Apple's decision to abandon car manufacturing in favor of focusing on AI and strategic decision-making underscores a profound understanding of future market trends and decisive action. This move not only reflects Apple's rational assessment of industry development but also highlights its steadfast commitment to delivering innovative and high-value-added products, ensuring long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

Neon AI on a keyboard