Case Study

Minimizing Inheritance Disputes - Building a Harmonious Family


    In this case, we explore the concerns of Mr. Meng, a 60-year-old entrepreneur who has enjoyed success in his career and family life. However, having been through two marriages and having children from each, he is growing increasingly concerned about potential inheritance disputes after his passing. To mitigate these concerns, we recommend the establishment of a family trust with tailored distribution plans for various family members.


Case Background:

    Mr. Meng has experienced two marriages and has children from both marriages. As he ages, he becomes worried about the possibility of property disputes within his family after his demise, which could lead to discord.

    We propose that Mr. Meng establish a family trust with specific distribution plans tailored to each family member's circumstances. For instance, his two children would receive an annual fixed sum of 100,000 CNY each for their living expenses. Incentives for their education would include a one-time allocation of 100,000 CNY when they enter graduate school. Upon marriage, they would receive a 500,000 CNY allocation, and for each child they have, an additional 100,000 CNY in child-rearing support.

    His current wife would receive an annual fixed sum of 100,000 CNY for her living expenses. In the case of significant illness, special relief funds could be allocated.

    Twenty years later, the trust would terminate, and any remaining assets would be distributed among the beneficiaries according to their designated shares. This approach would simplify the inheritance process, making it straightforward, professional, meticulous, and reassuring.


Benefits of Establishing a Family Trust:

  1. Asset Protection: A family trust effectively isolates assets, shielding them from legal risks and debt threats, ensuring the long-term preservation and inheritance of family wealth.
  2. Confidentiality and Privacy: Family trusts safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of family assets, preventing their public exposure, reducing security risks, and societal pressures faced by family members.
  3. Wealth Succession: Family trusts enable beneficiaries to receive their designated shares without complex inheritance procedures.


    If you have numerous family members and face challenges in asset distribution, establishing a family trust is a practical solution. It allows for professional trust planning, effectively preventing property disputes. For comprehensive trust planning, we invite you to consult a trust advisor for further guidance.

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