Offshore Trust Account

Optimal Choice for Global Wealth Management and Tax Optimization

The establishment of all family trusts starts with the combination of trust and banking services, which establishes an important foundation for the concealment and preservation of family wealth, ultimately facilitating its smooth inheritance.

Cross-border accounts, local wisdom – Offshore trust solutions

Timeless International Family Office is a trust group thatholds trust licenses in Hong Kong, Singapore, the British Virgin Islands and Switzerland, and has set up offices in Shenzhen, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur to provide immediate services to clients and partners with local and cross-border wealth management needs.

Focus on providing high-quality solutions for customers.

No matter where you are, you can easily control your assets.

Have you ever faced these challenges?


Foreign Exchange Controls Challenge

Nearly a hundred countries/regions globally implement foreign exchange controls. How can assets move freely for trade, ensuring smoother transactions?

Heavy Taxation and Difficulty in Protecting Asset Privacy

The information network across the globe is becoming increasingly transparent, with tighter multilateral exchanges of customer asset information within the financial system. How can one legally conceal identity and legitimately evade complex taxes in different regions?

Difficulty in Integrating Diverse Assets

Owning different types of assets, including cash, real estate, stocks, equities, bonds, insurance, art, digital assets, etc., is there a comprehensive account that can effectively manage and allocate all assets?

Difficulty in Establishing Overseas Bank Accounts

It's becoming increasingly challenging for individuals or businesses to establish offshore bank accounts. How can one possess an effective offshore account?

Lack of Proof of Funds Affecting Overseas Transactions

Bank KYC procedures are becoming stricter, and overseas transaction accounts are becoming more sensitive. How can one have legitimate proof of funds for more efficient free trade between countries?

Difficulties in Family Wealth Inheritance, Gifting, Estate, and Marriage Planning

With a large family and numerous children, how can one avoid bearing substantial inheritance taxes after death and prevent future generations from litigating over uneven family property distribution? Is there a solution to distribute assets in advance, ensuring account assets can be passed down through generations, and ensuring future generations can continue to make good use of wealth?

Offshore Trust Account Advantages

Transferable Account Design for Inheritance

Trust accounts provide a highly flexible and personalized way to manage and transfer assets, meeting the needs of settlors for asset protection and estate planning more effectively than traditional bank accounts.

Challenges of Traditional Bank Accounts:

Legal procedures and estate taxes

Assets become part of the estate upon death, requiring cumbersome legal procedures and high estate taxes.


Beneficiary restrictions

Beneficiaries have limited access to assets until legal procedures and taxes are completed.

Solution with Offshore Trust Accounts

Tax avoidance and efficient distribution

Legally avoid estate taxes and pre-distribute assets.

Flexible beneficiary designation

Set beneficiaries before or after death without bloodline or specific conditions restrictions.

Personalized beneficiary arrangements

Customize withdrawal conditions for beneficiaries according to the settlor's needs, allowing beneficiaries to be changed at any time.

Term Asset Financial Flexibility

Asset Mortgage Potential


Assets in the trust account's periodic account have cash value and can serve as valuable collateral assets.


These assets can be used as collateral for loans at a specific percentage.

Enhanced Financial Flexibility


Through mortgage loans, asset cash flow becomes more flexible, enhancing fund utilization efficiency.


Allows asset owners to obtain funds without selling assets when liquidity is needed.

Offshore Trust Services

Exclusive Advantages

Offshore Trust Accounts to exclusively launch a dedicated international credit card, enabling flexible global ATM withdrawals and cross-border fund utilization.

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