Cross-border accounts, local wisdom

Virtual currency solves various legal, technical, and custody concerns through trust

2024/5/23 Thu.

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Advantages of Offshore Trust Accounts

Exclusive Trust Box

  • International Trust Account: Comply with international laws and regulations for safety and security.
  • Customized Trust Agreement: Applicable to common law to protect assets.
  • Global Consumer Credit Card: Safe and convenient use anytime, anywhere.
  • Professional Tax and Legal Consultation: Efficient and comprehensive planning.
  • Full Asset Allocation: Cryptocurrency, fiat currency, real estate, etc.
  • Diversified Asset Management: Real estate, artwork, equity, debt, etc.
  • Flexible Fund Transfer: Easy transfer to credit card spending.
  • Trust Account Transferable: Avoid the complicated procedures and taxes of inheritance.
  • Current Price Mortgage: Flexible loan.

Mr. Martin Chen, Partner of Timeless International Family Office

– Partner, Timeless International Family Office
– Co-founder of a health technology company in Singapore
– Over 10 years of experience as an independent financial and trust advisor
– Involved in multiple industries in Singapore and Taiwan, focusing on financial strategy and management
– Venture capital experience in Singapore

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