Trust and Virtual Assets: New Opportunities for Development

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We sincerely invite you to the “Trust and Virtual Assets: New Opportunities for Development” seminar to explore the new opportunities and challenges facing the trust and virtual asset sectors in the current financial market.

This seminar will focus on these two key areas and provide participants with a platform for in-depth understanding, exchange and learning.

Trust Innovation Trends: In-depth analysis of the latest innovative trends in the trust sector, exploring new business models and compliance challenges.

Virtual Asset Outlook: Looking to the future, share the development prospects of virtual assets, and explore the impact of digital currency, blockchain technology and encrypted assets.

Cross-industry Cooperation Opportunities: Explore cross-industry cooperation opportunities in the trust and virtual asset sectors, and promote exchanges and cooperation between professionals in different fields.

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Mr. Martin Chen, Partner of Timeless International Family Office

- Partner, Timeless International Family Office
- Co-founder of a health technology company in Singapore
- Over 10 years of experience as an independent financial and trust advisor
- Involved in multiple industries in Singapore and Taiwan, focusing on financial strategy and management
- Venture capital experience in Singapore

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